The underwater Archaeology Park of Baiae was instituted as a protected marine area in 2002 by the Ministry of the Environment in agreement with the Ministries of Cultural Heritage and Activities, of Infrastructure and Transport, of Agriculture and Forestry and in collaboration with the Region of Campania. Both this park and the underwater Archaeology Park of Gaiola in the bay of Naples, also instituted under the same law, constitute a marine environment with significant historical, archaeological, environmental and cultural value.

The area of the underwater Archaeological Park of Baiae comprises the coastline of Bacoli and Pozzuoli stretching between the port of Baia’s southern-most pier (Omlin jetty) and Lido Augustus pier in Pozzuoli, and is divided into three categories:
total (A) - the heart of the Marine Protection Area in which all activities (except authorised scientific research and services) are forbidden so as to prevent damage and/or destruction of the marine environment;
general (B) - an area where sustainable activities with minimal effect on the marine environment are permitted under given regulations; and
partial (C) - a buffer zone between the highly sensitive areas and the open ocean in which sustainability and low environmental impact prevails.

Management of the Park has presently been entrusted to the Archaeological Authority of Naples and Caserta. The principal objectives of the underwater Archaeological Park of Baiae are:

  • protection and environmental and archaeological enhancement, incorporating occupational opportunities;
  • dissemination of knowledge about marine biology and underwater archaeological heritage;
  • implementation of educational programmes to improve ecological, marine biological and archaeological awareness;
  • implementation of scientific research programmes to further increase knowledge of the area; and
  • promotion of a compatible socio-economic development based upon traditional local activities, local residents and the businesses presently operating within the area.